Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Glasgow Art Club Autumn Show 2014

The show at Mansfield Park Gallery is over and some of the paintings have come back to me, to be sent out to new places.

The first of these new places is the Glasgow Art Club Autumn show, opening this Saturday afternoon and the painting I'm sending is The Coins. The rest will stay with me for the time being.

If you want to come along and see how my painting looks in amongst other works from the Art Club members either let me know or just come along between 3 and 5 on Saturday. Otherwise the place is open most days and the show will be on for around a month.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Last Chance To See The Performance

The Reader was the last painting in the show to be finished, but in many ways is my favourite as there is more of me in her than any of the others - always reading, always dreaming.

What I'm dreaming about now is drawing, new paintings, developing some of the themes that have arisen during making this show - it is time for me to take stock and move on. The show closes Sunday afternoon and I get some of the paintings back next week - but they will never all be together again. But some of them will be mixing with other paintings by other artists in new shows, which is quite exciting.

As for what book she is holding? I left it blank in the painting but in reality it was Alice In Wonderland.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The White Witch

The White Witch was the very first painting painted for the show, after Fran was nice enough to pose for me. She also worked as a sounding board for all the ideas I had and in many ways I felt as if the portrait was keeping an eye on us the whole time, making sure I was at least trying to do all the things I said I wanted to do.

She also brought a fair bit of her own taxidermy with her, but sadly I have not yet been able to incorporate any of them - except this little mouse.

But the show finishes this Sunday so sadly The White Witch won't have her little group of unruly women to watch over much longer, as they all go their separate ways.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Mansfield Park Gallery -

A few folk have asked me about shots of the paintings hung in the gallery - so here they are.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Falling In Hyndland

Today I went back to Mansfield Park Gallery and found that The Fall had been put in the window.

So now she can look out onto Hyndland Road. Before I've always though of her falling backwards down through the air or maybe the sea and indeed the reflections add to the feeling she is under water but for the first time it has occurred to me that rather than falling down she may be falling up.

Whichever direction she is going in though I feel she's not quite sure but she is resolute and she will make a go of it wherever she ends up.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Superwoman and The Teenager

The Superwoman came first and was a joy to paint - the model hand such capable hands I really felt it was important to paint them, along with the wedding ring and the very practical jeans.

Later I noticed that another model was standing in a very similar pose, but communicating defiance and uncertainty rather than capability and confidence. It seemed natural to explore the differences through colour, with a orange/green rather than blue/yellow pairing, as well as making the second painting much darker overall.

It has occurred to me that this particular stance may be much more common to women than men - I've certainly been both at some point - what do you folks think? And do you prefer one painting to the other?

Monday, 25 August 2014

Performance - Jane Gardiner's Solo Show

Today I am recovering after the day before, as yesterday was the private viewing of my first ever solo show, at Mansfield Park Gallery. . If you missed it, the paintings will be there for another three weeks.

And I am knackered, both from the drink, the talk and the relief of my part being done.

So I'm having a couple of days off, today drinking tea, lounging with the cat, thinking of all the lovely things people said about my paintings yesterday and maybe drawing the flowers that Fran Hanley gave me later.

Tomorow I go to Edinburgh for the festival and to see what artists are up to over there - particularly looking forward to John Byrne's two exhibitions.

But I thought that now would be a good time to remind folks of where you can find me elsewherre on the internet.

At facebook I am Glasgow Painter , Jane Gardiner is the webpage, with a listing of exhibitions, a bio, and a link to my mailing list as well as my email address. Flickr is mainly paintings and I'm not around there as much as I used to be. Pinterest is full of ideas but I know some people worry about how easy it is to share pictures and that attribution can be lost. Finally, there is twitter.